Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Treat Table goes Back to School

 We were thrilled to do a table for the MECE Marketplace. It was our opportunity to do the "Back to School" theme table we wanted to do.  
Hopefully, you are reading this because you saw us at MECE and wanted to see more of our work, which makes our attendance worthwhile.  We shared a corridor with Lisa ( and former GE six sigma (!) small business consultants, Patrick and Brian (, so Lisa was able to give me a lesson in photography with my new camera (enjoy the pics) and the guys gave us some great insight into our small business.

 Being that this was a Back to School theme (it IS still September) the obvious underlying flavor in the menu was APPLES! Apple spice cake whoopie pies, Apple Pecan Pie, caramel apple cheesecake.  The staples for passersby to taste were the vanilla and chocolate cake pops.  The true hit of the day were the peanut butter and jelly macarons! OMG! If only my children would understand the delicacy behind a macaron! These were truly delicious.  Jeannette's Oreo Chocolate Crunch cake shot completed the "milk and cookies" idea of school time snackery. 

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