Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Treat Table does 30th Birthday Circus theme

This circus themed birthday party was a lot of fun.  The client had already purchased the great printables from Gwynn Wasson designs, so that was our starting point.  In thinking about the menu we
considered heavy hors d'ourves circus fare. Sliders: 100% ground sirloin with boston bibb lettuce, red wine sauteed onions, pepperjack cheese, popcorn with different salts, corn dogs, chicken skewers with three dipping sauces: thai peanut, sesame soy, and honey dijon. fresh and healthy spanish gazpacho, prosciutto and melon balls.  For sweets, we made mini lemon merengue pies with a stick to the roof of your mouth merengue, churro cake pops, kalhua ganache brownies, smores pops... and finished with twizzlers and circus peanuts. 



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